Sunday, May 16, 2010

Virginia vs. New York

This going back and forth between two states is starting to be exhausting. My life is in the constant limbo of where I will wake up in the morning. If we are lucky next year we will all be in one state and that's the state of happiness. And I hope that happens neither in Virignia or New York.

1. Stars, there's nothing like the stars in NY
2. School (but I don't like it, but I have to do it for one more year) (so not really a pro)
3. Old Friends
1. Drama
2. Ex husband and his white trash family
3. Small town BS
4. My family
5. My fiance isn't here
6. No work
7. No money
8. Nothing to do

1. Theres always something to do (fabulous resturants, bistros, and bars)
2. My fiance is there
3. It's beautiful and clean, not white trash (or much)
4. Near DC
5. New friends
6. Work
7. Money
1. Everyone has a BMW and wants you to know it
2. No one knows how to drive
3. It's expensive to live there

But until I graduate from this Godforsaken school that I committed to going to for one more year I can only think about how this was our plan to make our lives better, to stay focused and out of trouble and away from people who are negative. Negativity in ones life can bring you down faster than you know. Being positive about the outcome and having faith in the one you love to help you the best they can, makes a dream come true.

Peace in the Middle East

-the Hustler